Metal Profiles in Lombardy

Metal working in Barzanò

This metalworking specialist company in Barzanòsupplies metal profile products to the area of Leccoand surroundings but also has capabilities for all of Lombardy, producing profilesof thicknesses varying from 0.3 to 4 mm for industrial companies of various sectors; from furniture to construction and from automobiles to shipbuilding.

The company specialises in machining special profiles to custom design, in stainless steel, steel, brass and aluminium. It also deals with several metal working procedures relative to metal profiles including: drilling, punching, bending, shaping, spot welding, laser welding, polishing and protective coating.

Mauri Alda & Figli srl

Via Dei Mille, 15 - 23891 Barzanò (LC)

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