Sheet metal shaping

Cutting metal shapes

sheet metal shaping

The company also operates in the shaping of all types of sheet metaland in the cutting of metal shapes to customermeasurements. Shaping is a process that is performed after cutting: the base sheet may be transformed into a completely customised product in terms of shape, size and thickness, also in non-standard dimensions. The metal sheets are machine-cut machining, also with special laser cutting equipment. The shaping operations include procedures by which the metal sheet is given the desired contour with the possible addition of holes and slots where required. With innovative techniques the metal plates may be shaped to obtain the desired forms.

There are two possible procedures; firstly, slots and holes may be cut to obtain plates of various shapes, e.g. perforated hexagonal forms; alternatively, three-dimensional shaping may be used which allows transformation of base sheet metal into three-dimensional objects such as casings and covers of all kinds.

The great flexibility of the equipment available in our facility allows us to perform the cutting of metal shapesin various forms and shapes desired by the customer. The cutting of shapes is done to customer specifications according to their requirements, whether they are businesses, or non-enterprise end-users. We have press brakes which, with equal precision, generate simple shapes and complex geometries, producing perfect bends over the entire length of the workpiece.

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