Sheet metal punching

Iron punching, steel and special alloy punching

sheet metal punching

L'azienda Mauri Alda &Figli company, thanks to its experienced and competent staff and an innovative machine fleet, is able to perform sheet metal punchingof any type, according to the needs and demands of customers. Metal punchingis a process which obtains the separation of metals using punches and dies. It is a process that can be implemented on any type of metal sheet where, by means of punches and dies, one wishes to obtain the separation of metal shapes: first the punch is lowered into contact with the sheet which is initially deformed and deflected as it starts penetrating into the die, then, as the metal's shearing point is reached, a fracture occurs and the material separates.

Thanks to the advanced flexibility that has always characterised the company, the plant's technical staff is able to accurately perform all types of punching on: Iron, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and special alloys. Metal punching is a process that requires experience and precision work. The company has the appropriate equipment which can implement, also with numerical control, all the operations required for this type of work.

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