Sheet metal bending

Metal bending processes

sheet metal bending

The operations of sheet metal bendingare carried out to obtain a multitude of objects of diverse forms, without changing the thickness of the metal sheet itself. The folding of stainless steel sheet metalis one of the most frequent tasks in the metalworking industry, since by shaping the steel sheet it is possible to generate the basic parts of several items, from furniture to appliances, from construction to the automotive sector.

It is a very important metalworking component since stainless steel sheet is the base material from which to build semi-finished parts required in the production of many articles for industry and in construction. Through the use of advanced machinery and equipment, the company is able to perform the bending and cutting of stainless steel plates and other metallic materials tailored for every application.

Thanks to the evolution of the machine tools, the pieces are machined with extreme accuracy so as to take on the geometric shapes suitable for the required profiles. Currently, the use of this type of component is indicated for various production sectors; from metal furnishings with a modern touch, to suspended ceilings, from
containers for electronic parts and heavy metalwork for ships to military equipment. But there is more: metal bendingis a procedure also used for signage, for the longitudinal members of industrial vehicles and containment tanks.

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