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sheet metal drilling

The company based in Barzanò has specialised over the years in sheet metal drilling,employing machinery and dedicated state of the art equipment that cater for fast and precise drilling of profilesin different types of metals. This feature, together with its serious business efficiency, determine a great advantage to this company in the province of Lecco, as recognised by customers who have employed its services.

Mauri Alda produces drilled profilesaccording to the precisely tailored drilling processes required by the customer, whether for small or consistent product batches. The metals that are appropriate for this type of work are mainly steel, stainless steel and aluminium. It also possible to practise the drilling of tube sheets and all those metals that allow professional drill bits to bore a clean and precise hole. In this way it is possible to determine the size of the drilled holes, from micro-holes up to much wider diameters, thus implementing various shapes and orientations.

The company, through its drilling operations, allows other industries to produce metal tools for use in various circumstances and contexts. Besides this operational phase, the Barzanò company is also a point of reference for other types of meal work such as milling, sheet metal bending and welding.

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