Metal working

Light metalwork


The company specialises in metalworkingoffering maximum customisation and responds to any production requirement, assuring tailored precision work even for the smallest and most intricate details. The materials used include several types of stainless steel; polished and matt, painted, treated with different finishes as well as brass, bronze and special alloys.

In addition, the company has a department completely dedicated to light structural metalworkwhere the technical team uses highly technological precision equipment for forging, punching, laser cutting and welding, casting and moulding. These operations can be performed on any type of metallic material, with different finishes, to satisfy every kind of request.

The company is the ideal partner for the execution of design projects and meeting the customer's needs, with customer support assured at every metal working stage, from the creative phase to the execution of the design until its completion. The processing times are rapid, sufficiently flexible for schedule changes during construction; accuracy is assured in finishing and details.

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