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Steel works and metal parts

Mauri Alda e Figli Srl was founded in the 1950's as a manufacturer of auto and motorcycle accessories. From the beginning, production quality has always been a distinctive feature of the company and together with an ample product range, these factors have sustained a strong participation in Italian and foreign markets. Today this profile manufacturing company is recognised throughout the country for the quality of its working of steel, brass and aluminium, for its production of special profiles to custom design as well as for the precision robot assembly of metal parts built entirely with advanced machinery.

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metal profiles


Creation of the most complex profiles in standard and special steel to customer design with different types of processing according to specific applications and industrial uses

laser welding

laser beam welding

Laser welding of different metals with high melting points and high thermal conductivity to achieve bonding and brazing

automatic assembly

robot assembly

Metal working with assembly techniques using modern production techniques and innovative robot and computer based processs that satisfy specific and particular needs

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